Welcome to my tea blog! Here, have a cup of tea :).

In this blog, I will be drinking a lot of tea, but I am willing to share! I also will talk about my quest to create a comtemplative tea lifestyle and slow things down so that I can enjoy my life more, and about how drinking tea brings peace to my day.

It, truly, is the pause that refreshes, and I am asking myself how I can create more of that and less of the crazy-buzy, hurry-to-get-to-the-next-thing energy that all too often adds pressure and tension to my day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Saga Continues! (How's It Going for You?)

Picking up where we left off yesterday, I have been talking about all these changes I have been making. Maybe too many!

What about you? Do you ever feel like you have taken on too much? What do you do and how do you handle it? Let me know in the comments!

Are We Having Fun Yet?

When will these fabulous changes become fun? Well, there is the pride of accomplishment. The awareness of what “enough sleep” feels like. The thrill of noting that I want nothing more than to go to bed when it is not yet midnight (although that doesn't happen every night, I confess).

But I am still not getting enough done and my family is still not getting enough of my time, according to them.

Also, I am bored! So I am having some withdrawal, and probably, attempting too many changes at once.

I am not sure how I got from adding one cup of tea a day to adding tea plus meditation to tea lifestyle to getting up while the sun is still stretching.

But you can be sure I will continue blogging the good, the bad and the ugly about my experience!

How Is It Going for You?

What about you?

What changes have been a challenge for you? How’s it going? Leave me a comment and let me know what changes you're working on and how they are working out for you!

See you tomorrow!