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In this blog, I will be drinking a lot of tea, but I am willing to share! I also will talk about my quest to create a comtemplative tea lifestyle and slow things down so that I can enjoy my life more, and about how drinking tea brings peace to my day.

It, truly, is the pause that refreshes, and I am asking myself how I can create more of that and less of the crazy-buzy, hurry-to-get-to-the-next-thing energy that all too often adds pressure and tension to my day.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Do You See Purple? Chakra Meditation ~ Day 19 of the Meditation Challenge

The Color Purple

Apparently, a lot of new meditators see purple. I am not a new meditator, but even when I was, I don't remember seeing any particular color.

Did you?

First Thing

Because we go back to homeschool this week, and the meditation challenge ends, I decided this morning to try doing the meditation first to see how that might fit as part of our schedule. I made up my bed, took a few supplements, made and drank some chamomile tea and then, meditated in my pajamas.

While the tea was steeping, I stared at the trees. So basically, the meditation was almost the first thing I did, compared to my normal routine. I think I like that and it might make it easier to get up in the morning.

Especially, once I no longer have to turn on my computer and go into my email to get the day's meditation.

But I was a bit groggy at first, and doing it this way really extends the process of waking up and becoming alert.

Chakra Meditation

Today's meditation focused on clearing and balancing the chakras, and he included a visualization of each chakra's color as well as an invitation to bring our attention to anything related to that chakra in our lives that might need a little assistance.

"The chakra meditation is a very powerful one because it truly opens your body, mind, and soul into the conduits that they truly are and opens you up personally to a more universal flow at the level of your physiology, your emotional state, and your spiritual awareness." ~~Chopra Center

I do love the way I feel after doing that meditation! Lighter and more clear, relaxed and happy.

How did you feel?

Where to Find It

If you haven't yet done today's meditation, you can find it here. And add your blog post here. You also can share your experience here in the comment section if you'd like. I would love to know how this meditation challenge is going for you and what benefits you are noticing.

See you tomorrow!


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