Welcome to my tea blog! Here, have a cup of tea :).

In this blog, I will be drinking a lot of tea, but I am willing to share! I also will talk about my quest to create a comtemplative tea lifestyle and slow things down so that I can enjoy my life more, and about how drinking tea brings peace to my day.

It, truly, is the pause that refreshes, and I am asking myself how I can create more of that and less of the crazy-buzy, hurry-to-get-to-the-next-thing energy that all too often adds pressure and tension to my day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

This Blog is about to Get Savvy!

Starting on Monday, this blog will participate in the Build A Better Blog Challenge, which goes for 31 days. But we get to take weekends off, so it will turn out to be a six-week challenge, lasting until October 4th!

We will be reading Darren Bowse's 31 Days to a Better Blog and doing our best to follow his suggestions.

Want to join us?

The link to register is at Savvy Blogging Success.

See you tomorrow!